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Staying fit, staying safe!

Feb 3, 2021

Knowing the limitations that the present pandemic has brought to the On the Way family (strictly three-member groups in the city center for the distribution of the Care Package, Social Breakfast with only two people in preparation, cessation of several activities such as ENTAFTHA, Barista Seminars, Barber On The Way) we become creative and try to encourage all our volunteers, instead of remaining inactive, to continue to approach the homeless that they run into!

Having a chat with them, offering them a cloth bag or a box with basic necessities, an extra sweater or a blanket, a tupperware with food, all these can bring great joy to a person who is in need of these and make their life a little more pleasant.
The pandemic may still be here and the On the Way ministries may appear a little inactive  but the goal does not change: we can all show love to the homeless fellow being that God brings to our way and we can remind them that they are precious.
We invite everyone to be active! We stay in shape, we stay safe!

Did you manage to approach one of our homeless fellow human beings in any of the above ways? Please take some time and write us your experience at [email protected]!

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Τ: 2100105179 • E: [email protected]
Τ: 2100105179 • E: [email protected]