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Free counseling and psychological support

Feb 3, 2021

How do you deal with your mother’s death while you haven’t been able to talk to her for a whole year and you are in a foreign country?
How do you deal with a chronic alcohol problem?

We are dealing with people living in a state of homelessness, who are exposed to the changes of the weather, the economy of our country and the pandemic covid-19.

That is why On the Way ministries is offering free counseling and psychological support to the homeless.
We expect good results through this outreach. As much as we can we will be here for the people who are in need.

We can help you, contact us!

Konstantinou Palaiologou 43, Athens 10438
+30 2100105179
[email protected]

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Konstantinou Palaiologou 18, Athens 10438
+30 2162020133

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Τ: 2100105179 • E: [email protected]
Τ: 2100105179 • E: [email protected]