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“On the Way” is a Christian, non-profit organization that focuses on love, respect and has open arms for every homeless person.

Our first efforts among the homeless in the center of Athens, began in the Fall of 2018. The small care package we offered to the people we found on the street was not intended to save them, but to remind them that they are not alone.

By recording the facilities and the existing organizations that deal with our homeless fellow human beings was the one thing that helped us see what was missing so that we could deal with it.

Today, in addition to the care package that it distributes in the centre of Athens on Thursdays, On the Way helps its friends with their public documents and offers them breakfast during the week. It also helps them reintegrate into society by offering housing to one, two, three, or four people for a year in its two social housing flats. At the same time, it provides psychological support from a professional psychologist to the people who need it, while examining with them the possibility of finding a job and guiding them in their next steps.

The latest addition to On the Way has been a second-hand shop in Metaxourgeio, where everyone can contribute to the fight against homelessness in Athens with their donations and purchases.

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On the Way is in the center of Athens all year around.
We started small and became a big family!


We can help you, contact us!

Konstantinou Palaiologou 43, Athens 10438
+30 2100105179
[email protected]

Thrift store & more:

Konstantinou Palaiologou 18, Athens 10438
+30 2162020133

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Τ: 2100105179 • E: [email protected]
Τ: 2100105179 • E: [email protected]